I’ve Found the Perfect Jeans – Sophia Boot by Lucky

I am not being paid to say this. But I really have found the perfect jeans. I went to Lucky Jeans to get their Classic Rider, but they no longer carry them in the store and I literally have NO pants that fit me and had to get something. So I tried this new style called the Sofia Boot, which comes in a stretchy fabric.

PERFECTION. I think these jeans would work on any size person. I got a pair in both blue and black and the black jeans are so gorgeous they’d work as a good jean for work. The pictures on the website are not impressive, you have to try them on. They’re not cheap, $99, but considering how expensive jeans can get they are not the most expensive in the world.

Great free thing in the city alert. Every Monday at 1pm you can hear the amazing Trinity Choir and Trinity Baroque Orchestra for free at St. Paul’s Chapel as part of a series call Bach at One. I am just filled with tips today!

Trinity Choir and Trinity Baroque Orchestra

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