Live Blogging the Emmys

8:26: Actually, I’m tired, going to curl up and just watch. Good night!

8:09: Back from doing The Hive (fun!). I watching The Emmy a little delayed now. Scanning the dancers for anyone from So You Think You Can Dance.

6:52: I have to remember to google killers in the UK named West. They’re talking on Echo about a documentary about them. The discussion piqued my interest. Yes, I know this is not Emmy-related. I have to remember to call The Hive radio show in ten minutes. I was supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago but I missed it because I forgot to look at my calendar. Yes, I am an idiot.

6:49: I just heard a train whistle outside. We don’t have trains. Well, not those kind of trains, or rather, not nearby enough for me hear. What the hell was that??

6:30: Paula Abdul looks lovely, but a little too thin. She has that brittle look (but not her face, she really does look lovely).

6:25: I’ve only been half-heartedly watching. I’ll bet I’ve missed some great dresses. I watched Cat Deeley, because I love her and So You Think You Can Dance.

5:30: Okay, they just admitted nothing is happening until 6. I’ll be back at 6!

5:17: Here. Eating popchips. Nothing really happening yet, the hosts of the red carpet shows and filler. Kelly Osbourne looks amazing.

This is Finney and Buddy this morning, freaking me out. They were both very intent on … something.

My Cats Stalking Something

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One thought on “Live Blogging the Emmys

  1. Cats can see onto other planes of existence that we mere humans can’t. (see as evidence, To Visit the Queen, by Diane Duane.) Our current cats don’t do it as much, but Jazmin used to regularly stare intently at (what appeared to us as) blank spots on the wall.

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