I Imagined the Walkman/iPod in 1972

Kinda. I was walking down this lawn, towards an orchestra playing, the music was all around me, and I though how wonderful it would be if I could hear music of this quality outside whenever I wanted, as I walked around. Something about walking and hearing the music triggered it for me. The walk was long enough for me to revel in the pleasure of it and to want more.

The walkman was developed in Japan in the late 70’s I believe. I was listening to friends of mine who had a band rehearse in a loft in Tribeca, and one of the band members had one. It was 1980 I think, it could have been 1979, and I found and bought one the next day.

This is behind the Vanderbilt mansion by the way, looking towards the water.

Lawn behind Vanderbilt Mansion

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “I Imagined the Walkman/iPod in 1972

  1. I bought a Walkman the first or second year they were out. I remember using mine in the darkroom in art school. Do you remember how HUGE they were (by today’s iPod standards, that is)? But it sure did help me pass the time on my frequent bus journeys between Ottawa & Toronto.

  2. He stole my idea!! It might be one of those things when an idea’s time has come, people have it independently all over the place.

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