Concert Week

Tonight is our first holiday concert! While I sing this season I’m writing about singing this season. It’s kinda schizophrenic. Or maybe it’s more correct to say it’s kinda MPD. I have to do it and observe it. Actually it’s very mindful (the way I meditate, MBSR).

Bottom line, one of the pieces we’re singing tonight has this line and this line is what it’s all about:

Ye shall have a song, and gladness of heart.

Even in the worst of times, I’ve discovered, ye shall have a song. So, I’ll see some of you tonight! From Tuesday night’s rehearsal.

Choral Society of Grace Church Rehearsal

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Concert Week

  1. Ha, Nadine! Okay, I will, but I only got it colored and I don’t really think that will show up much in a photograph.

    Karen, thank you!! So far so good, first performance down, two to go!

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