David’s Birthday Party

July 4th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

I got some great shots (I think) at David’s birthday party last night, held at Ellen’s apartment (officially the best one bedroom apartment in Manhattan).


I love this one.  They were out on the balcony posing for someone else and I was inside and I noticed the light and how they were framed by the window so I quick stole a shot!


I have such musical friends!  But this group of friends are from the band I play in called Manhattan Samba.  That’s David, aka the birthday boy, on the left playing the drum.


Playing around the piano where I learned Ellen can really sing, and Giovanni is a seriously trained classical pianist (he gives concerts and everything).


My smooshed face aside, I am playing an instrument here!  That egg is a shaker, and it has a surprisingly great sound, you wouldn’t believe it.


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