A TV Show About People Like Me, Maybe?

Remember how I was asking why isn’t there a show about people like me? Here’s one in development that kind of is. Kinda. The main character is one generation older, though. I read this on TV Tattle:

HBO close to ordering “Viagra Diaries” with Goldie Hawn
The project from “Beverly Hills 90210″/”Sex and the City” creator Darren Star is expected to shoot in New York City. Hawn will star as a 65-year-old woman who struggles to be single when her husband leaves her.

It’s enough of an age difference though, to make it a different show. If you think it’s not, think about the difference between a show about people in their 20’s and one about people in their 30’s. Certain differences shrink as we get older, it’s true, but 65 is just not the same as 55, although you have to be these ages to see them. 65 is still interesting though, and I’m fast on my way there anyway, so I am very very very excited about this show. HIRE ME, DARREN STAR.

I took this home walking home from the Loser’s Lounge last night. (A truly great one, by the way. Go tonight if you’re in NYC.)

Corner of Perry and Waverly

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4 thoughts on “A TV Show About People Like Me, Maybe?

  1. I’m 60, so I will definitely gave to check it out. It’s difficult, in some ways, to be single in the 50s/60s…but there are other rewards too. I was married 35 years to a good man, but having been a widow now for nearly 6 years, I’ve learned the good/bad of both sides of the coin!

    BTW, I had a cat accident yesterday – my indoor cat got alarmed I was putting her back on the sun porch and scratched my arm, as well as nipped me. It’s swollen today, sore, even though I’ve kept it clean and am taking some antibiotics I have here. Never had this kind of reaction, although it was pretty bad scratches. Hope I don’t have to go to doctor, trying to wait till Monday instead of going to Urgent Care.

  2. Oh yes, Bitty Kitty is cantankerous! She once bit me when I tried to give her a bath, learned my lesson on that. I didn’t see a doctor then, just took some antibiotics I had and kept the wound cleaned/drained.

    Bitty Kitty is healthy though, all her shots, an indoor cat except sometimes in spring/fall when I allow her (and other indoor cat) in the yard while I’m there watching them. Also, Bitty was probably reacting out of fear – the dogs were barking outside. My dogs/cats do not get along, I never allow them together.

    The wound is a bit better today, but I will go to my GP tomorrow, let him have a look at it. The antibiotics are probably starting to work by now.

  3. Oh good, because of course my first thought was RABIES, but it doesn’t sound like that at all.

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