What would Brian Eno think?

I was at the movies with a friend the other day, and Brian Eno came up briefly. Eno has an a cappella group that he sings with regularly. I knew this, and in fact I have an Eno quote about singing in the beginning of my book. I wondered how my friend knew about Eno’s singing group and he said he loves Brian Eno and reads everything about him.

But it got me to thinking, I should go back and read my book and try to see it through Brian Eno’s eyes. When I’m done with a book I usually go back and read each chapter and ask, “Would I be proud or humiliated if this chapter appeared in the pages of the New Yorker?” (My pinnacle of writing and writers.) I’d like this book to be compelling for non-singers, but I’d also like it to be something someone like Brian Eno couldn’t put down.

A church on 10th Avenue (I think, I can never trust my memory).

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2 thoughts on “What would Brian Eno think?

  1. Whoa. Brian Eno.

    Are you going to try and get a blurb from him? You should totally give it a shot — wouldn’t that be so cool!

    My Unobtainable Englishman is Nick Hornby. He was kind enough to write to me twice, to politely decline my invitation to go to a Bruce Sppringsteen concert with me at the Meadowlands (I offered to drive him up and down the NJ turnpike to enhance the Bruuuuuuuce experience)and to assure me that he wouldn’t think of donating my first book to the local church jumble sale, ha ha. But I can’t get a blurb.


  2. That is the BEST story!! He probably thought you were a stalker, but good for you for trying!!

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