Article about Pigeon Rescue

There’s an article about pigeon rescue in the New York Times today! Thank you, Alex Vadukul. Although the picture of the pigeon getting an x-ray freaked me out. Of course I realize it’s the only way to manage it, but still.

This is the pigeon I rescued last year. I think of her from time to time and hope she’s okay. I also must admit I hope I don’t see anymore wounded pigeons. I know, like last time, I will be unable to walk away from them. Except it was rewarding. Alright, I’m on the fence. Universe, it might be okay to send wounded pigeons my way.

Rescue Pigeon After Feeding

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2 thoughts on “Article about Pigeon Rescue

  1. When I read this NYT article this morning, I was reminded of your pigeon rescue last year. Pigeons are such sweet and gentle creatures…but rather “messy”. I rescued one from my backyard with a broken wing which couldn’t be repaired and rather than have her euthanized, I brought her home with me from the vet and had the pleasure of her company for almost ten years. My two cats at the time even seemed to like her too!

  2. I remember you telling me about that. Amazing. Amazing that your cats learned to live with her and didn’t try to eat her.

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