Things I Meant to Post About

– I read an essay by Rebecca Bazell, who lived in the same building as Etan Patz, (the six year old who went missing in 1979). It made me curious about her. She was ten at the time of Etan’s disappearance, who did she grow up to be? An amazing painter, among other things. If I was a rich person I’d buy her paintings. Attention rich people: buy her paintings.

The power of singing. Remember Anders Behring Breivik? The guy who murdered 69 people last year in Norway, mostly kids, in order to halt what he saw as encroaching multi-culturalism? Apparently he hated a song called “Children of the Rainbow.” Well, 40,000 people gathered in Norway to sing it in protest of his anti-immigration views. A lovely response to a terrible, terrible thing.

– A new particle has been discovered. Why isn’t this bigger news? Not that I fully understand what it means, but still. It seems like a big deal.

Someone tied a bunch of daffodils to a railing on 11th Street. Thank you, someone.

Daffodils on 11th Street, New York City

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2 thoughts on “Things I Meant to Post About

  1. Yeah, it’s sad that Selena Gomez gets more media coverage than a new rare particle.

    But really: that diagram of the decaying process of the neutral Xi_b^star bayron would make a KICK ASS tatoo.

    One of the fondest memories I have of walking the streets of New York (as a pedestrian, not as a working girl) is when I was passing the Morgan Library one fine Spring eve and I noticed a young couple passing by me, hand in hand, and I saw that the girl had a tatoo on her leg of the late, great, Sputnik satellite. I had to say something. I pointed and exclaimed.. “Sputnik!” And the sweet hipster girl (who would never have spoken to me if we’d been the same age in 1988) smiled at me and said, in a heavy Russian accent: “Yes! Traveler!”

    It was a moment.

    Yes. If I ever get a tatoo, it’ll be of the new Xi_b^ star bayron.

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