Promoting Waiting For My Cats to Die ebook Edition

I made a Youtube video to promote the ebook edition of my memoir, Waiting For My Cats to Die. This is the short version. I made a longer version first, with outtakes from me trying to figure out what I should do. I thought that was funny, but a couple of friends thought it was long and might only be funny to my friends.

I agreed, but I think the short one is kinda eh. Book promoting is hard. Here is the longer version if you can stand it.

A spoil sport at the East Parade last Sunday.

Easter Parade, New York City, 2012

On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue

I went a little nuts taking pictures of people in the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue, but you would have too! It was such a lovely day and there were thousands of people who looked so great.

Update: Some friends of mine were surprised to learn that the Easter Parade was a real thing. But I wonder if it was always the campy, costume-y, Halloween-Parade-like thing it is now. I seem to remember that in the past, 5th Avenue was never closed for the parade, and people just strolled the sidewalks, and further up, along Central Park.

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

There was a strong wind and this woman’s astounding hat got away from her!

Kicking Back This Weekend

“Wait, you’re giving out Stacy’s new book?? GIVE US STACY’S NEW BOOK!!” “Me! Me! Me!” “OVER HERE!! OVER HERE!!” “Book!” “Book!” “Book!”

This is another picture from the Bruce Springsteen concert last week.

Bruce Springsteen, Meadowlands, 2012

What am I going to do with myself?

I just handed in my book. I’m a little flummoxed. Whenever I hand in a book it’s almost like I disappear. Now what? What am I going to do with myself now that I don’t have a book to work on every day? Which of course isn’t true. I’ve got to fact-check, get to work on promoting the ebook edition of Waiting For My Cats to Die, and many other things. But still, at the moment, I feel out of sorts.

I’m supposed to be on my way to swimming, but I have a cat on me and you know how that goes. Can’t move. The tyranny of the sleeping cat. Speaking of which, did you see the piece in the Times about the new medical procedures (and the costs) for pets?

Sephora has outdoor makeover stations set up over in the Meatpacking district. Weird, but okay.

Sephora Makeover Meatpacking District

Bruce Springsteen

I saw Bruce Springsteen at the Meadowlands last night thanks to my friend Steven Levy. Excuse me, my BEST friend Steven Levy. What a show. I’ve never seen Springsteen in concert before, I’m struggling to explain my reactions. The music was amazing, but I was just so impressed by Springsteen’s poise on stage. In the face of this massive, massive crowd he managed to project calm, affection, endless graciousness.

This might be old hat to people who have seen him in concert before, and it’s not like I’ve never witnessed someone knew how to work a stage and a crowd, but Bruce Springsteen is pretty much at the top of the heap. The only only person I’ve ever seen to compare to him would be Mick Jagger, except Jagger is a whole other thing, of course. Also, when Jagger is on the stage it’s all about him, and even though it was all about Bruce last night too, he managed to make it feel like it was all about everyone else and he was just as glad to be there having fun with what was happening, too. There was a great moment when he brought two little girls on stage and gave them the mic. It was clearly planned, but it was still sweet.

Plus, he’s a great live singer. Amazing command. And I liked the anger and disappointment expressed in some of the songs, something I can’t help feeling at this stage in life. There’s some pretty screwed up things going on out there.

Anyway, thank you Steven!! I had a marvelous time!

Bruch Springsteen Crowd Surfing at Meadowlands, 2012