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I’m thinking I can’t post about Buddy every day, although I want to. I keep coming up with different ways to torture myself, and today it’s about all the signs I must have missed which led to increased suffering and earlier death. I’m going to call my vet to go over everything, but I’m afraid he’ll think this is about what he missed.

But about Bunheads. Are you all watching yet? It’s on the way to becoming a really good show, and, more importantly, it makes me feel good.

The finale was positively enchanting. The quality of enchantment is my favorite in books, movies, tv, paintings, everything, and it is difficult to achieve without veering off into sentimentality or something overly romanticized. You have to be honest to get there, and you have to resist going a little too far in whatever direction you’re going. There were moments of enchantment all through the finale, but the best was probably Boo standing up at the microphone to apologize to Carl. The whole thing was an exercise in enchantment. She starts to go too far, and Fanny tells Michele to rescue her, and Michele jumps up. But Boo doesn’t go too far. She says all the right, honest things, and then she and Carl dance to a wonderful version of The Rainbow Connection (Weezer, I learned).

I made myself leave the apartment last night. I walked down to the river and stared out into the water, and for about five minutes it seemed like I’d made the right decision. I didn’t feel good, but it felt better to feel bad out there in the open, with life all around me, and the smell and the feel of the water, and the darkening sky.

But there were at least five different party boats out in the river playing at least five different loud, thumping, bad music and very quickly it turned into this horrible cacophony and I had to leave. I don’t know how I’m going to spend my weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Bunheads Finale

  1. At times like this, I’ve been known to dive into a vat of vodka tonics. Then I put “The Love We Had” by The Dells on heavy rotation. And then I pass out. I’m not deep.

    You know about the redundancy that is built into every system. Anything you might have done for Buddy would not have altered anything because, in a non-fatalistic non-religious not new wavy universe, Buddy’s destiny was on track. Hold on tight to Buddy’s spirit…but let go of your fantasy that you are powerful enough to save him or bend reality. Your love for Buddy is not defined by his death, it’s is defined by every day that came before that.

  2. No Bunheads for me.
    In Canada, I think it’s on some channel called ABC Spark Canada and I would have to pay extra for it. I guess I could try to watchit online… I’d probably still end up paying to watch it..
    Was this not THE most boring and pointless comment EVER?.

  3. No Nora…I’ll bet I can beat you! I’m such an out-of-touch old f-rt, at least as far as TV is concerned, and I live in CA, the “entertainment capital of the world”. If the program isn’t on regular broadcast TV, I don’t see it (although, thank heavens for PBS). I know I’m missing alot though. I’m always intrigued by the things you get to watch Stacy.

  4. Now I’m watching “The Razor’s Edge” on TCM, based on the W. Somerset Maugham novel. I remember really enjoying the book when I read it years ago but I don’t recall anything about it the story now.

    Some women have their hair in BUNS but I guess it’s not the same thing…

  5. I love TV. Fall is always the best time of year for TV fanatics. It’s when the new crop of show premiere and tv lovers hope for new shows to love and become addicted to.

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