I made it out into the snow!

February 10th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorized

Today is a much better day. (Which means something terrible is about to happen. Wait, now I’m just tempting fate. I didn’t mean it, fate!) But Finney bounced back rather quickly and has resumed his normal habits and is eating well. I am now free to enjoy the Loser’s Lounge tonight. I also went out into the snow yesterday to get Finney more crappy food that he was managing to eat, and got to enjoy a little bit of a real and decent snowstorm.

It was pretty quiet, not a lot of people out and about. (More below.)

I always feel for the dog walkers. And the dogs. But maybe the dogs are fine? I just think their feet must be cold, how could they not be?

This was taken from my roof, looking down into one of the courtyards below.

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