I am Never Watching Another Debate as Long as I Live

Well, that was horrible. What is the point of debates? For me they are agonizing, even when my guy is doing well. I hate them. I hate them like I hate watching pundits go at each other on news shows, or what passes for news shows these days. I would never make a decision based on them, and can’t imagine many people do. I liked when Obama said, “Governor Romney, when it comes to his own party during the course of this campaign, has not displayed that willingness to say no to some of the more extreme parts of his party.”

But for the most part, I didn’t listen. I couldn’t listen. I watched the reactions on Echo and Twitter and Talking Points Memo. I had to be once removed from it all in order to withstand the anxiety.

Can’t we just do away with debates?? If tradition is the only reason we have for doing them then we have no reason at all. Along those lines, can’t we do away with the process of collecting blurbs about your book for the back cover? Does anyone make a decision about buying books based on the blurbs on the back cover?

Just in case anyone is not aware, this is where those blurbs come from: the author, editor, and agent go around and beg friends, they beg friends of friends, and call in favors, they also write complete strangers, basically saying whatever they can to get people to write something nice about the book. It doesn’t mean the nice things people write are lies, the point is, it’s no fun to ask busy people to drop what they’re doing to read your book and write about it. Everyone I know always has a stack of books they want to read, a stack that they need to read, and I know what it’s like to have to read a book when have your own pressing reasons to get to a ton of other books first.

In new cat news, Bleeck continues to take over. Finney still doesn’t like him, but I adore him. He has tremendous personality and intelligence. Within seconds he filled up this entire apartment with who he is and his Bleeck-ish ways, I’ll bet he could fill up the planet.

But I have to make this right with Finney somehow, and I’m not sure what to do. Maybe once a day put Bleeck in the bedroom for a half an hour and spend that time loving on Finney, giving him catnips and treats?

Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “I am Never Watching Another Debate as Long as I Live

  1. I wouldn’t say he was awful, I love his style, but I wonder why he didn’t press certain points and make clear when Romney was being evasive or distorting the truth or completely turning around on earlier things he’d said.

    I guess it’s fair to say it’s awful that he didn’t.

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I’m not crazy about debates either. Is it really necessary that we’re governed by the law of the jungle?

    A lot of people on the left have wondered why Obama did not go after Romney on some of the issues that Obama uses on the campaign trail.

    I think that Obama was actually smart, avoiding issues that he uses when no one is there to refute his claims.

    Obama’s handlers would be politically savvy and fully understand that Romney would come consummately prepared to counter the obvious challenges that have been telegraphed already by Obama.

    For example, Obama said nothing about the 47% remark. Obama’s debate coaches would be fully aware that Romney would come very prepared to use those issues as a basis for developing persuasive arguments against the president.

    I think Obama, like many presidents, has been surrounded by syncophants and maybe has started to believe his own press clippings a little bit.

    Last night’s defeat may be the very splash in the face that the president needs to start working up his A game.

    I hope you are considering at what point you will have Bleek fixed. As he gets older and bigger and begins to assert his natural male instincts, he will probably try to go after Finney in the usual role reversal.

    One of the very few things I have been impressed by in the last decade is the fixed male cat.

    After their procedure, their intelligence jumps 20 or 30 points. They become capable of gentlemanly conduct and diplomatic relationships that make me embarrassed by my inadequacy.

    I have been so impressed by the superior creature that comes from them being divested of the male equipment I have told my wife we should probably all have it done.

    P.S. I know you disagree, but I have every confidence that Buddy is still out there in a new form

  3. I thought Obama did a very good job. He stated his case, controlled the clock, made more points, acted very presidential.

    On another note, Still thinking of you and you Bud. That relationship was special and can never be diminished, never.

  4. Awww…look at that sweet and innocent face on Bleeck! Try not to worry too much about that whole acceptance issue with Finney. It’s been my experience, having introduced kitty interlopers throughout the years, tolerance usually evolves into some sort of alliance and even on occasion, a real friendship.

    About that debate, I found Obama’s opening statement (his tribute to Michelle and their 20th wedding anniversary) a bit jarring for some reason. I’m with you…I don’t want to watch the future debates, but may not be able to resist.

  5. What great commenters I have. You never say anything ugly.

    I’m going to play it by ear with future debates. I’ll start by watching people’s reaction on Twitter, etc. If I think I can withstand it, I’ll turn the tv on.

    Thank you, Michael. I need to finish the Buddy video and upload it. The only thing missing at this point is a soundtrack.

    Greg, I hope you’re right about Buddy. Also, Bleeck is already fixed! I’m so glad I don’t have to endure that. It’s the not-feeding-them part that kills me. But he’s six months old and had two previous owners at least, and someone already took care of it. The last person who adopted him returned him! It’s unfathomable to me. He’s a pistol, and like all kittens, he’s a handful, but so incredibly endearing. I can’t imagine giving him up.

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