Doctor Who Has Trouble Parking on Perry Street and Other Halloween Views

I love the effort people put into decorating for holidays. This was one of the simplest and also one of my favorites. Creepy, but sad.

Three happy, fez-wearing skeletons on Bleecker Street (which was named after my cat).

I wonder why the manufacturer of that fake tombstone picked the dates 1805 – 1882. Did they have any meaning to him or her? Of course the first thing I did was calculate how long the fake dead person lived (to 77, not bad I suppose, but certainly not great, I hope to make it to my 90s).

Another happy skeleton, hanging out by the trash in the cornfield on 11th Street. And a detached limb. And a spider. Damnit, what else did I miss??

Giant spiders were a recurring theme. The movie Eight Legged Freaks, which is wonderful, has been playing a lot on tv, by the way. As fun as it is, I still have a hard time watching it. Spiders!

Okay, the Tardis crashed into a building on Perry Street. I was never happy with how my pictures of it came out last year, and I was determined to do better this time. This is a slight improvement, but it doesn’t really capture how truly great this is. The thing also glows and smokes, like a Tardis that has just been in an accident might. I’m going with: it’s the camera.

Another view. My photographic abilities aside, thank you whoever did this. It’s awesome.

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Has Trouble Parking on Perry Street and Other Halloween Views

  1. Hey Stacy,

    Long time no see! GC Choral society. This tardis and Dalek were made by good friends of mine. The dalek is usually on the steps. Let me know if you want more info. Xoxox

  2. Hi Susan!! Tell your friends I look forward to see the Tardis and the Dalek every year. They did such a great job. The light effects are so fun. The Dalek wasn’t on the steps this year, but the Tardis was there.

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