Hurricane Sandy is on the Way

Well, our mayor has changed his tune a bit. They’re shutting down all mass transit at 7pm, and telling everyone in Zone A in Manhattan to evacuate. I just read a tweet that said this area has a population size equivalent to Minneapolis! I’m Zone C, but only a few feet from Zone B. Still, I’m not overly concerned (yet). My biggest concern is I’ve got the oldest, ricketiest, most falling-apart, barely-holding-on windows in New York City. I could be screwed if the winds get as high as they say. Not sure what to do about it.

I want to go out and buy candy. Except I’m feeling lazy and my face hurts (waiting for pain killers to kick in). I was thinking of going out with my camera during the storm, like up to the roof to see if I could get shots of the Hudson River during the surge, or even down to the river itself, but I decided that would be insane. Still, as long as no one is hurt, it’s all very exciting.

Fun with the macro setting on my camera and kitten tongue and whiskers.

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9 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy is on the Way

  1. Can you at least tape the windows in a criss-cross pattern so that glass won’t go flying should the worst case scenario happen? A pain to remove the tape after the storm has passed and your windows are still intact, but probably worth it considering the risks with shards of glass… The again, I don’t know how many windows you have and how big they are… Either way, best wishes and hopefully it will end up being as uneventful as possible and everyone will come out of it unscathed!

  2. Great advice, Therese. I had to do that duct tape thing once and discovered the joys of a product called “Goo-Gone” which dissolves the tape glue and makes it very easy to remove. Hope you and Finney and Bleeck stay safe and snug over the next few days, Stacy. I have a brother in south-eastern Connecticut on the coast that I’m worried about too. And as a reminder that California shouldn’t be forgotten, as I was sitting here at my computer this morning, we had an earthquake (fortunately a smallish one but was definitely felt…not enough though to send my two kitties scurrying for hiding places). Take care.

  3. I’m going to wait and see how the storm develops before taping the windows.

    Mavis, I hope your brother gets through the storm okay. And that you don’t have any more earthquakes.

    And thank you Therese! For the suggestion, but also the kitten photo compliment.

  4. I saw that says that taping windows doesn’t work. I think it’s only supposed to keep the shards from flying if the window breaks. Better double check. And I think it’s really for if there are really violent winds. Where you are the problem will be high water. If you leave, will you put the kitties in carriers? Something to think about. If it were me, I’d stay put. But I WOULDN’T go on the roof to take pictures. 😉

  5. If the winds get so strong that you are afraid of the windows breaking, how about putting Finney & Bleeck into carriers & the 3 of you taking shelter in the bathroom until things calm down?
    Winds supposed to reach 80 kmh up here in Ottawa over night.

  6. Dan, I thought that people no longer tape to prevent the windows from breaking but to minimize the flying shards, as you post.

    Nora, that was exactly what I plan to do if it gets bad! Are you prepared?? I keep forgetting it’s going to hit you guys too.

    Nadine, thank you!

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