I Love a Good Cat Rescue Story and Other Links

– I never come upon stray or abandoned cats. The last time was when I was 14 and I went into a public bathroom and there was a lady trying to flush a kitten down a toilet. I started screaming at her and she ran in terror, thank god. (I rescued the kitten, all was okay.) If I had found this little guy, that would have been that. The incredibly sweet story of the recovery of Cheeto, told in pictures mostly.

– A friend of mine has started an effort to bring back the WPA (Works Project Administration). He suggests they begin by photographing and documenting the damage of Hurricane Sandy. That reminds me, I had to drop my camera off to repair the damage from Hurricane Sandy, so I have to borrow a camera for my trip to Boston tomorrow. (There’s a dinner to honor the Von Hippel–Lindau (VHL) disease research conducted by my cousin William Kaelin and Joyce W. Graff.)

– Alright, this one about a failed ceasefire negotiation between the governments of Israel and Hamas is depressing, but maybe when you’re done go back to the story of Cheeto (great cat name, by the way).

Update: This one will cheer you up. The Occupy folks turn a wonderful corner.

This is taken from my bedroom, looking into the window in my kitchen, right before Hurricane Sandy hit. I was restless and ready for something to happen.

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4 thoughts on “I Love a Good Cat Rescue Story and Other Links

  1. OK, seriously loved the Cheeto’s story. It’s very similar to my story of Smokey who showed up on my doorstep during an ice storm, starving to death, full of fleas, ear mites and worms and smelling of cigarette smoke. My guess is that someone had him and then decided they didn’t want him anymore and put him out during one of the worse ice storms to hit Greensboro.

    I took him to the vet and they figured he was 3 months old despite his small size. He lived with me and my other three cats and grew to be 20 lbs of manic behavior. I finally had to euthanize him 7 years ago at the age of 12 when I could no longer control his diabetes (I spent close to $10,000 on his diabetes over a four year period).

    I still miss him to this day.

  2. Oh, bless you for taking him in! I just love these stories of cats who are in such bad shape and someone cleans and fattens them up. It just does my heart good.

  3. * Its fairly easy to be fatalistic about the Middle East. I’ve become cynical about anyone who says “if they just tried MY plan, there would be peace!” Much of the time, what people mean by ‘I want peace!’ is actually ‘I want victory for my side/tribe!’ and until that changes there can’t be peace as we understand it, regardless of how smart or clever a particular plan is.

    * One proposal I’ve heard that makes sense is putting together an infrastructure corps composed of unemployed veterans. That would probably have bipartisan support, assuming they could get past the union/nonunion issues.

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