Somber Sunday

Still puttering. Among other things, I’m catching up on my reading. Here’s a short article about a pigeon who died while trying to deliver a message during WWII. So far, cryptographers today have been unable to decode it. Of course I am focused on the long dead pigeon. Poor little guy. I wonder if they have tried contacting the pigeoneers, the WWII unit responsible for the carrier pigeons. Oh except they were from WWI? There must have been an equivalent unit during WWII as well, though. In any case, I’m sure one of the pigeon handlers have reached out to them by now.

Then there’s this fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the tech used to help elect President Obama. I just started this one, but so far it’s one of those fun page-turners articles that is not only a great read but you also feel like you’re learning something.

Aaaannnnnd, I want this Golden Book about space travel.

I held my camera over my head in Union Square on Black Friday and took a couple of shots. The crowd was too daunting so I didn’t go in there, even though I enjoy just looking at all the stuff in the booths. (It’s a holiday-mart set-up.)

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