Emergency Supplies: My New Emergency Cupboard

I now have an Emergency Cupboard in addition to my Go Bag. This is for hunkering down. I wanted all my power outage supplies in one place so I don’t have to go searching around for them when the lights go out. As you can see, I’ve got my battery operated lantern, battery operated radio, (that’s the black thing on the right) a manual coffee press, candles, plastic and staples in case a window is blown out … hmmm. That’s it, it seems. I’ve got a flashlight closer by on a shelf, and one in my purse, and a drawer full of batteries.

Seems like I should need more stuff. What am I forgetting? Food yeah, but what else?

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12 thoughts on “Emergency Supplies: My New Emergency Cupboard

  1. And cash! Living in SoCal during the last big earthquake, there was no electricity for several days…no access to banks/ATMs, etc.

  2. GUN????? (I’m very very very very clumsy. No one on the planet wants me with a gun in my hand.) But otherwise, great suggestions everyone, thank you!

  3. I’ve been thinking about switching my phone back to analog, and using my old dial up phone. The reason is that a cordless phone, which most of us have, relies on regular power to function. The old analog phones use phone company power, so that during a black out you still have a functioning phone.
    In case of a REAL extreme emergency, I’m planning on eating my cat. (Onnnnnly kidding.)

  4. Good advice, Dan. While I have a cordless phone and a cell phone, when “disaster strikes”, those devices don’t work. I have an ugly beige analog wall phone in my kitchen which always works…I was in great demand from my neighbors during our big Northridge earthquake when they couldn’t reach out-of-state family members.

    Hummm…maybe subconsciously, my two cats’ increasing plumpness is in anticipation of that dire need you spoke of?

  5. I recommend everyone listen to the Diane Rheme part II show tody on NPR, where experts discussed this issue. If electricity fails, Power back up is important if you have cable or broadband, and it is available, in numerous forms. “The times, they are a changin”-Dylan. IMHO, evrey street or every half mile should have a copper whire landline emergency phone. However…

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