Scientists of the world, slow down! Okay, I don’t mean that.

December 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m at the last stage of the book publishing process where you can still make changes, but only small changes. The publisher gives you a copy of all the final, laid out pages, and you can substitute words, fix the grammar and typos, reword sentences, but you can’t add anything substantial at this point. It would change the whole layout.

The problem is, I just learned about a new paper about dopamine, and it has a direct bearing on an important section. I did my best to sum it up in the fewest amount of words. I guess I’ll see how the publisher reacts!

I love seeing the final pages though. Your words, the very same words, look so much better and seem so much more … substantial, and meaningful, all nicely laid out.

Two views walking up 6th Avenue last night, on my way to my monthly MBSR meditation meeting. They make it seem like in a few steps I went from dusk to evening, but it was only a different setting on my camera. I use a Canon G9, and the first shot was taken with their “night snapshot” setting, and the second was the “automatic” setting.

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  2. By Lisa G. on Dec 6, 2012

    Clearly the first setting (night snapshot) is meant for optimists and those of us prone to depression–I felt cheerful looking at the first one, and doomed looking at the second. Do you have a ‘fireworks’ setting? If so, try it with some colored lights. The result is astounding. You can move the camera a bit to make shapes with the lights when it’s on fireworks.
    Congrats on getting the proofs of the new book. Yes, I know the frustration of receiving proofs only to find another article that would add a great deal to the text.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Dec 7, 2012

    Oh wow, thanks for the tip. I will try that. I never would have even thought to do that, what a great idea.

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