Model Shoots Everywhere All the Time

December 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was out and about, Christmas shopping, and I came upon yet another photo-shoot. It’s fun. I love models, I love photo-shoots. I’m lucky to live here. But now I want a sparkly dress! I need a few solid holiday looks. I have nothing I tell you, nothing!

Model Photo Shoot, New York City

This model is pretty perfect though. Gorgeous, great shape, great hair. I wonder if she’s happy, and what else she does. What are her interests? Do models still make a decent living, by the way? I know super models do, but how about the average model? There are fewer magazines, so fewer shoots, and often movie and tv stars are used for covers and fashions spreads. Maybe the average models struggles. Like writers.

Model Photo Shoot, New York City

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