I’ve lived a long time. When do I stop being an idiot?

I agonized this morning about what to work on this afternoon, and should I go swimming today or tomorrow? I decided to go to Municipal Archives, and swim tomorrow. I get there, it’s closed. President’s Day. Who follows that holiday?? And it’s a close-worthy thing? It’s especially infuriating because I noticed last week that today was President’s Day and I briefly wondered how much a holiday that was, decided I should check, and of course forgot.

Well, these are what they call luxury problems. Sadly, I’ve been noticing more homeless people on the streets this year. Did something close? Or did some program change or lose their funding? This was on Chambers Street. All those plastics bags are not garbage, but belongings. I should also point out that it was 19 degrees when I took that picture, which probably feels a lot colder when you are outside all the time.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve lived a long time. When do I stop being an idiot?

  1. Hi Stacy,
    this unemployment situation is a big problem.

    It could be that some displaced persons from Sandy are responsible for homeless people heading for New York.

    On the other hand, unemployment is above 7% and MSNBC says that it will probably go to 8% and maybe even higher.

    Normally many parts of Europe run about 10% unemployed, but in the US we normally have maybe 4% or 5%.

    Right now, the US only has about 2% growth, and normally we have around 5% coming out of a recession.

    There’s little that can be done about this, with over a $16 trillion debt. I believe we are currently borrowing massive amounts from the Chinese and other countries, and none of this is sustainable.

    Gas prices are skyrocketing, because of regulations and environmental lobbying to disallow drilling and construction of new refineries.

    All of this can be ameliorated with a change of government policies.

  2. In New York it isn’t really an unemployment issue, it’s a mental illness issue. These are not people who are out of work, they are in need of care of one sort or another.

    That’s why I was wondering if funding to certain programs had been cut.

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