The Great Stacy and Her Apartment Makeover

My apartment looks like a war zone. When George, the workman, started chipping away at the peeling paint he revealed gaping holes, all over the place. It looks like a room in an abandoned building. Oh god. I can’t live like this. Must. Focus. On. Endgame. A bright and shining, freshly painted apartment.

Happily I realized I’m getting a makeover along with my apartment. My final oral surgery is scheduled for next Thursday and just as soon as I start healing we get to work on the bridge. When that is done I plan to cut and color my hair, buy myself one new outfit because I have a book coming out in July and hopefully I’ll need something to wear for something or other.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. All these things will be coming together one right after the other. First, a freshly painted, sparkling and clean apartment, then all my dental work will be completed and I won’t be funny-looking as funny-looking, and last, the very best thing, a book I worked so hard on and feel ridiculously proud of will be on the shelves.

A tiny gaping hole under the window. Well, at least killer spiders didn’t start pouring out.

A larger gaping hole in the ceiling, which leads straight to the roof. Don’t you expect to see a tiny mouse or rat face peering down? Or killer spiders?

The bigger picture. Doesn’t look so bad when you look at it this way.

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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2 thoughts on “The Great Stacy and Her Apartment Makeover

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! That gaping hole in the ceiling looks very ominous though. I live in an old Spanish style house with very high barrel-vaulted plaster ceilings, and fortunately my two cats and I were in another room when half of my bedroom ceiling gave way and crashed down. I was amazed at how thick and heavy those plaster pieces were. Anyway, soon order will be restored there and you’ll revel in a wonderfully fresh home. By the way, how are Finney and Bleeck handling this disruption?

  2. The workman were supposed to come back today but so far no one has shown up, my apartment is in a shambles. I’m unhappy, cats seem fine!

    But man, what a scary thing to have the plaster fall in your house.

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