Benjamin Moore Golden Honey vs Squish Squash

I am driving myself completely insane trying to pick a paint color for my apartment. I’ve been putting it off re-painting because I dread the upheaval and expense. But the paint is coming off the walls in strips in the bedroom though, and it’s just time.

I’m trying to pick a yellow because I never liked the yellow I chose last time and I want to live in a pretty yellow room, damnit. The previous yellow was always too mustard-y and dreary. I want a happy yellow.

It’s down to Benjamin Moore’s Golden Honey and Squish Squash, except now I’m reading about someone who was seriously considering Squish Squash and who went with Sundress, a color I was considering but I decided it wasn’t yellow enough.

Oh god. The workman just came over. They are starting tomorrow. I have to decide NOW. Here’s a picture, and of course it’s not accurate, but it’s not bad. That color on the left is called Lemon Drop and it’s too cartoonish. The middle is Golden Honey and the right is Squish Squash. The Golden Honey does seem to be just a tad mustard, but it has a warmth I like that the Squish Squash lacks. I’m leaning towards Golden Honey.

You can see why I never loved the existing color, which has darkened over time and only gotten more depressing. I’m thinking of going Benjamin Moore Flamenco for the trim. It’s a scarlet-like red and I love how my scarlet red couch looks against the yellow wall. But it might be a little too dramatic.

Update: To see how it finally turned out, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore Golden Honey vs Squish Squash

  1. I like the lemon drop. Sorry, I know that does not help. Second would be the Squish Squash.

  2. Scrape! Prime! Prepare your surface! 50% of painting is 90% surface preparation, as Yogi Berra would say.
    Your pics is a little dark, so I looked at the Benj Moore website (slow day at work, what can I say?). Can hardly tell the difference, but Golden Honey seems to have more personality. I’m sure you’ll be happy with either. You must now watch Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, to see how Myrna Loy coped with a similar situation.

  3. Golden honey would be my pick, as paint often looks darker once on the entire wall compared to the chip. Do the scarlet trim! It will look fabulous.

  4. Thank you for weighing in! I went with Golden Honey and a dark green, but work on the living room hasn’t begun yet.

  5. I have had Squish Squash on the walls for several years and want to repaint in a lighter golden yellow. I find Squish Squash a little too intense.
    Right now I’m thinking of Sundress, though Soliel and Cream Yellow are also under consideration.

  6. Good luck with Sundress. That was a pretty shade and I almost went with it. I think I would have liked it better than Golden Honey, but I’m too lazy to do it over.

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