Oh Christ, Renew Bunheads Already

I can’t take it. I love this show. Quit torturing us and give it another shot. It makes me happy, damnit. How many shows make me happy without boring me? Actually, I wonder how many. There’s Bones, Warehouse 13, So You Think You Can Dance, thinking … The Mindy Project! I was very “eh” at first but now I ADORE that show. Going on … New Girl, Project Runway.

Okay, there’s a lot of shows, but nothing like Bunheads. Bunheads gets me. It completes me. I’m grasping at straws here because I can’t put my finger on why I feel so strongly. There’s that Gilmore Girls/Northern Exposure magic, the smart dialogue, incredible and real dancing, hope. I love the mostly all-girl cast which ranges in age from the students to the ever-amazing Kelly Bishop. Kelly Bishop is my grow-older hero, by the way. I love Betty White, but it always feels like she’s doing shtick. Which is great, but that’s not me. I hope to follow the always sharp, smart, adult, dignified, imperious Kelly Bishop path. Oh WOW. Here is Kelly Bishop playing Sheila on A Chorus Line!!

But I love the girls, I love Sutton Foster. I love Bunheads. It’s sweet without being sugary, it’s light but dark, it’s enchanting and endearing, and I NEED IT. Gods of the tv universe, I’m begging you, throw me a bone. Renew Bunheads.

A couple of dances from the show: Istanbul and Paper or Plastic.

I took this in Union Square last weekend. There was a parade that I’d missed. The woman on the left was one of the people in the parade.

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