Kree or Candice?

I’m torn. Bottom line, I would be okay with either one winning. Candace won the night with “I Who Have Nothing.” Her voice has more power and range, and she feels more in control of every last sound that comes out of her mouth.

But I’m partial to the blue-sy quality of Kree’s voice. No matter what she sings I want to hear it. That is not true of Candace. If I don’t like the song she’s doing I don’t want to listen, regardless of how technically amazing her take might be. Kree, there might be slip-ups, or a hint of strain, like she’s reaching for a place she can’t quite get to, but I don’t care. I love the sound. I also find her more … authentic. Candace seems like more of an actress.

So I guess I’m rooting for Kree. That said, I think they both truly are equally deserving and if Candace wins, that’s okay too. I’m guessing Candace is going to win. People seem to prefer the belters. Except, they also seem to prefer country, so who knows?

I was premature when I posted earlier that One World Trade Center was the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, because they actually hadn’t added that finally piece of the spire. It’s there now though. And the point I’ve been waiting for them to finish is almost, almost there!

One World Trade Center, NYC, May, 2013

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