My Quest for a Cruelty-Free Moisturizer Begins

A while back I learned that the cruelty-free products I’d been using were no longer cruelty-free. Turns out China requires all beauty products to be tested on animals, so if a company wants to do business in China they have to torture innocent creatures first. Pretty much all U.S. companies have opted to torture animals. Terrific.

As I run out of various items I’m going to switch to a new cruelty-free brand. First up, moisturizer. I had switched to L’Oreal because it does the job and it’s reasonably priced, but they’re doing business in China so … I bought some samples from Paula’s Choice Resist line. I will report back!

Here is Bleeck checking out the samples. Sniff away little fur dude. These people have refused to hurt creatures like you. Thank you, Paula’s Choice.

Bleecker Checks Out Paula's Choice Samples

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4 thoughts on “My Quest for a Cruelty-Free Moisturizer Begins

  1. Thanks so much for letting my know about this company! I can’t wait ti try it, but I’m waiting for what I have now to completely run out.

  2. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice for years (in the old days, she used to answer emails herself. The company was so small 🙂
    I use a few of the Resist line products, but the serums made me break out. She has a great return policy so if these initial samples don’t work try a few others. The online chat is really helpful narrowing down the best products for you as well.

  3. Which Resist products do you like?

    I’m actually not going to get to this for a while. I agreed to test a bunch of products and one of them is a moisturizer so I’ll get to the Paula’s Choice samples when I get through this.

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