Morbid Brooklyn

I went out to the Gowanus section of Brooklyn to hear a lecture about parapsychology given by author and researcher George Hansen. The place was the Observatory, where I will also be giving a lecture about singing next month. I should have given a lecture here about my last book about the former Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University! Everyone who runs the place has an interest in the macabre.

I just looked at the month of July, and before me there will be a bunch of events “surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture curated by Observatory‚Äôs Morbid Anatomy,” and after me a “Wearable Taxidermy Workshop by Beth Beverly, Rogue Taxidermist.” So someone scanning the list will read: death and culture, happiness and singing, taxidermy.

They must have been thrilled to find a space where you need to pass by the South Brooklyn Casket Company in order to get there.

South Brooklyn Casket Company

The actual entrance is around a corner and through this beautiful alley. Who doesn’t love a great alley?? They are among the best things about New York.

Entrance to the Observatory, Gowanus, Brooklyn

This is George Hansen, who gave a very entertaining lecture. George is the author of the book, The Trickster and the Paranormal. George also very graciously mentioned me and my Duke book, so thank you very much George!

Now that I’ve been to the place I think I should focus my lecture on singing about death, which is something choral singers do a lot.

George Hansen

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2 thoughts on “Morbid Brooklyn

  1. Oh, I love attending events at the Observatory and the Morbid Anatomy Library, but I hate that walk past all the casket & car repair companies between the subway station and their building, particularly going home at night. Still, it’s amazing when you do enter those wonderful gems of offices & spaces from that dismal alley. I should have thought to mention the place before.

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