Views from the World Trade Center Memorial

For people following this blog, you might be surprised to learn that I’ve never been to the World Trade Center Memorial. (I was a volunteer down at St. Paul’s Chapel during the recovery period.)

This shot is of the north fountain, and on the far side you see treetops, and coming out of the treetops, a steeple. That St. Paul’s. If you bear in mind that this fountain represents the footprint of that massive tower, and you’re only seeing one section of the fountain, it becomes even more incredible that tiny St. Paul’s is still standing. More pictures below.

World Trade Center Memorial

Even though there were signs asking people not to leave objects on the fountain, there were still a few here and there. I turned over this picture and learned that it was Robert Penninger, whose name was inches away. I googled Penninger and everyone talked about how he loved his green Mustang—the car he’s sitting in, in this photograph. Penninger was on Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon.

World Trade Center Memorial, Robert Penninger

I liked the spot and the memorial, although it still has a construction site feel to it. It will be nicer when it’s done, and all the buildings are built and this park feels more like an oasis.

World Trade Center Memorial

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