The Sex and the City House is Not for Sale

I saw it in Vanity Fair first, but now every news agency has reported that the Perry Street building used for the exterior shots for Carrie’s apartment in Sex and the City was for sale and is now sold.

For the record, the building that was just sold is next door to the actual Sex and the City building. It’s a small thing, and it’s an understandable mistake, just pointing it out.

I think I’m bothering to post about it because I’m fact-checking my book right now, and finding small mistakes, incorrect dates, name spellings, and I’m sure I’ll find a bigger mistake or two before I’m done. The publisher used to have fact-checkers on staff to do this, but now the writer is expected to do their own fact-checking.

You might think, well, of course they should. They should be doing this all along. And we do. I am very careful as I go along, and yet I still make mistakes, and some of them incredibly dumb. But I do think fact-checking should be done by someone other than the author because you’re so close to the book sometimes you just can’t see it anymore.

Coming soon, the store that will be the ruin of me. I will be passing by this store every time I go to and from swimming. I know how my mind words. I will think: I’ve just been swimming. Surely a little bread won’t hurt.

Bread Store on Hudson Street

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3 thoughts on “The Sex and the City House is Not for Sale

  1. Oh no! Please don’t tell me where that is. It’s my weakness.
    Although once in a while a little weekend treat can’t hurt.
    So…..where is this?
    No, don’t tell me!

  2. Will it be a bakery or will it be another location of the restaurant called BREAD? It would be more difficult (for me) to pass by a bakery without going in.
    BTW, bought WFMCTD e-book last night!!

  3. OHMYGOD! Thank you!! I will bet you’re my first sale!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to do more to promote soon.

    I didn’t know there was a restaurant called Bread. I’m hoping bakery, but how bad could a restaurant called Bread be??

    Ellen: HUDSON STREET. Mwah-ha-ha. I forget the cross street, but I will post updates.

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