Lap Swim Contest Update and Bach

Quick Back Story: The City has a contest—if you swim 25 miles before August 30th you win a tshirt. The man and woman who swim the most laps at each city pool win … something else. I entered the contest except I had a dispute with the City about how many laps one would have to swim at my pool to make a mile.

They say each lap is 47 feet long, so 112 laps. But the City’s website says my pool’s lap length is 50 feet, so that would make 105.6 laps. I called to point this out and didn’t make an impression. I finally just measured it myself with a City employee watching. It’s 48.4. So close enough to 47 to just live with the 112, but technically it’s 110 laps = a mile at the Tony Dapolito pool.

My Current Lap Status: 10 miles and 86 laps. I usually swim a mile and a quarter or more each time, because I can’t be sure I’ll be able to get to the pool enough to make 25 miles.

This is the Domine Deus duet from Bach’s Mass in B Minor. I’m showing this because usually any part of a performance that doesn’t include me/the choir singing is, well … not my favorite part. But this is one of my favorite sections of the B Minor Mass, and the choir (ME) doesn’t sing a note. It’s not even the most dramatic part or anything, it’s the flutes. Just listen. (My favorite part of my favorite section begins at around :43.) The duet is lovely too (but keep listening to what the flute does with them).

[Video removed because the link no longer works.]

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