More Superbowl Boulevard

A lot of people like football, I take it. These people were in front of a stage set up on Broadway, many waiting for autographs from I don’t know who. I want to say … football players?


Also set up on Broadway was this giant slide. There was a slide like this at a place called Adventurer’s Inn out on Long Island, except we’d go down it on burlap bags. I loved that slide. I’d go down it over and over. Adventurer’s Inn is long gone and it would have been so much fun to go down this slide, but as you can guess, there was a monster line.


I turned around and took a picture of the crowd watching, and sure enough, that one kid is looking at me like I’m some creepy stalker person.


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8 thoughts on “More Superbowl Boulevard

  1. On any slide, especially one made of snow or ice, you will slide faster if you use a piece of cardboard. No brakes, however.

    I remember sliding on the Dufferin Terrace in Quebec City when I was a wee tot in the early 60s. I just went looking and they have a new version of the slide. Now it is all “safe” or whatever. [rolls eyes] I couldn’t find any specific links but these will explain:

    So if you find yourself in Quebec in the winter, check it out!

  2. Description of the autograph stage, on a GREAT website I discovered yesterday: Autograph and Concert Stage

    Where: Broadway between 39th and 40th Streets

    What: Stop by for free autograph sessions with current and former NFL players (daily, noon–6pm), as well as concerts (daily, 8–10pm). The biggest show is on Saturday, February 1, when Blondie plays at 8:30pm.
    The website is

  3. Not sure about the slide-Have not been there since the kids were little but go past it all the time.

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