Enough Self-Promotion

February 6th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

God, I hate having to promote myself. I’ve been emailing up a storm about my TEDx talk, and now I need to curl up in a ball for a week. Most of the people I’ve contacted have been so nice, and helpful and understanding though. It’s very heartening. And the very, very small number who haven’t, well, I honestly can’t blame them and no one was horrible about it.

Did I tell the story of what went on behind the scenes of my TED talk? I have to go look, I don’t want to repeat myself. For now though, I really do need to go pet a cat for a while or something.

Some goldfish I felt sorry for. You can’t see in the picture how dismal their situation was. The tank was so small, and not very deep, and the fish in there had no room to move.


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