Getting Older

March 16th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been updating my profile on an online dating site I use, and I uploaded this picture, my most recent. God my mouth is crooked!! What the hell? (I blame all my recent dentistry.) Anyway, I also put together the montage below …


Me getting older! I go from 44 years old in the upper left, to 48, to 53, to 56, and finally to 57 in the bottom right (soon to be 58). These are all author photographs except the last one. I wanted to give a realistic sense of what I look like now. The problem is, I photograph well, and I don’t save pictures where I don’t look halfway decent. I don’t know if these pictures really represent me. I think they all make me look better than I truly am.

Perhaps the TEDx talk, which is video, shows what I look like best. But I prefer to start out anonymous, like everyone else on the site.


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  1. 3 Responses to “Getting Older”

  2. By Karen on Mar 17, 2014

    You still look great ! I put a profile picture on Facebook and people said you guys look great – Then I told them it was 3 years old – no comment then 🙂

  3. By Jane on Mar 18, 2014

    In highschool, you were one of the cutest girls and still are. We are our own worst enemy. Sometimes I wonder if I will be in my 70’s or 80’s still trying to reach my goal weight! Haha……..

  4. By Stacy Horn on Mar 19, 2014

    Awwww, thank you for the compliments. Karen, I have to see which picture you mean, but if you’re talking about you and Peter, you both look AMAZING.

    I think we all look better in general, maybe because we know more about eating well, etc.

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