That’s a Scarily Steep Climb

April 2nd, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

Every once in a while I look up and see a plane making what looks to me like a way-too-steep climb. I learned how to fly, but that was just a teeny single engine plane and it was the 1970’s. Maybe a climb like this is perfectly acceptable. But I see this and I think something urgent is happening. Like, maybe this is a fighter jet and it’s way … to fight something.


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  2. By Karen in Greensboro on Apr 2, 2014

    Never mind the jet. Look at that view that you have from your roof. I’m soooo envious!

    I’m in the flight plan for our airport, but the only time I hear/see them is when the weather is bad and they have to come in lower for a landing. Somewhere I have a really cool photo of a plane with its landing lights on coming in over the roof in a lightening storm.

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