Karen Wins!

Last week I posted a picture of a handbag in a window on Charles Street and asked everyone to guess how much it cost. The store is Khirma Eliazov, and today I learned that the bag is made of leather, python and crocodile. Karen came closest with a guess on $1,200.00 because the actual price is: $1,795.00. Except it’s on sale for $1,346.00 right now, details here. Yay Karen!

My goal tomorrow is to get a few decent pictures of Finney. I just tried but he doesn’t look cute in a single one. He always come out looking mad. Bleeck is so photogenic I just point the camera in his direction and I get adorable back.


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5 thoughts on “Karen Wins!

  1. Haha. I fantasized for a minute about owning a bag that cost that much (not that one, I don’t buy anything made from animals) and I decided it wouldn’t be any fun. I’d worry too much about wrecking it.

    But you must get a prize! I will think of something.

  2. I agree I could never own a purse that costs that much – unless I had a gazillion dollars. Even then I do not have it in me to spend that much on a bag when there are so many better things to do with that money,

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