Couch Cushions – Foam vs Feathers

Brief recap: I had my couch cushions refilled. They were originally filled with feathers, but now that I know how horrible the removing-feathers process is I had them filled with foam instead. I was afraid they’d come back too firm. And they did! But now I’m used to it and I like it.

The problem is, they sit much higher than before. It’s really only a few inches, but the coffee table feels too low to me now. Worse, my poor arthritic Finney can’t jump those extra few inches. I ordered pet stairs, and have a make-shift step in place in the meantime, that’s the red thing behind Finney.

And I used this opportunity to take better pictures of Finney. Another follows this one. I like that the prism reflections are hitting his face.


The couch cushions look great, though. The guy tried to talk me into reupholstering the couch. The price: $1,700! Can you imagine? Might as well buy a new couch.


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4 thoughts on “Couch Cushions – Foam vs Feathers

  1. Oh I am glad you have acclimated so quickly to your new, firmer cushions! I have been worried about it. 😉

    Upholstering is quite the skill. I have tried a bit of it and it takes talent and know-how, which one only acquires with time. Re-upholstering is like renovations – you have to take what you’ve got and work with it. If you used the existing fabric for the cushions and there is no major problem with the couch, leave it for now. If you reupholster, you will have to get all new fabric – more choices!

  2. Can you re-upholster?? It looks like a huge job. I can see why it costs so much, the combination of work and materials.

    And I remembered what you said about the firmer cushions and tried not to freak so much, and it genuinely helped. When I first sat down! If I hadn’t remembered what you said I probably would have bust into tears.

  3. My goodness, I am glad I could help at all! Isn’t the internet an amazing thing?

    Upholstering is like anything – you have to figure out what is going on, have patience and the right tools. I have done a lot of sewing and I am pretty handy/crafty. I have made tailored cushions and piping and slip covers. I admit I have never tackled an entire couch. It would depend on the construction too, whether I would want to attempt it. Like woodworking, it is measure twice, cut once! I haven’t blogged about sewing in years but I did have a sewing blog that seemed to get a lot of hits for something so prosaic. It’s still hanging in there at Blogger. I gave up cleaning the spam out of the comments.

  4. I’m impressed. I have a friend who sews and it seems like a very tight community, who are active bloggers, and sewing blog followers. Her blog in inactive too, I believe, and it still gets hits.

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