Will I Hit 50 Miles??

It doesn’t really matter if I do. I came in 2nd place at my pool, in the women’s Night Owl Division (with 39 miles)! Woohoo!! They took pictures of the winners on Tuesday but I wasn’t there, I took the night off. Damnit! But they didn’t tell anyone they were coming.

The party is next Wednesday, when I will pick up my tshirt and trophy. I’ll be back with lots of pictures. But even though that part of the contest is over, we’re still tallying miles and right now I have just under 49 miles. It would be nice to hit a nice round number like 50 and walk in all, “Fucking fifty, bitches!”

The other day, while walking along the High Line, I saw this sign in the window on the right. The truth is out there. (That show was fun. X-Files, for the insanely young among you.)

Area 51 Sign Seen on the High Line, New York City

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