I Might Be Having One of Those Weeks…

October 10th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

My phone broke. My scanner broke. My camera broke. My doctor dropped my insurance plan (except she might get back on). My teeth are hurting under my new bridge so something it going on (hopefully it won’t involve root canal).

But the results from my CT scan came back and they found absolutely no sign of lung cancer, so YAY. Take that, bad week!! Woohoo!

Also, my camera seems to be unbroken. I just took this shot of Finney and it seems to be working again. Crossing my fingers. Scroll down to see the shot which made me believe my camera was broken.


See? It seems like a possible issue with the shutter? I took this because it was the first Halloween decoration in my neighborhood (non-commercial, that is).


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