Kantorei of Kansas City Kickstarter

Kantorei of Kansas City has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to record an album of Christmas music. They promise to include “previously unrecorded gems of the late Renaissance” (by Melchior Vulpius and Blasius Ammon)! There is never enough Christmas music in the world, and to have pieces we’ve never heard before is a great gift!

A view of the Municipal Building from the Hudson River. The Municipal Building is across the street from the beginning of Chambers Street, and I walk up to it whenever I visit the Municipal Archives. Is the west side higher than the east side? It can’t be, right? But this view seems elevated to me.

Municipal Building, New York City

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4 thoughts on “Kantorei of Kansas City Kickstarter

  1. I couldn’t find out in a quick look, whether the west side of the island is higher or not. However, it makes sense that there are some elevation changes. The easiest way to check would be to find wheels and see which way you coast! I guess you don’t have a bike, but maybe one day you will see a skateboarder going east-west and you can observe which way they struggle.

  2. Julia, I love to ride bikes, although I haven’t actually been on a bike since I was in my 20s! But I’m way too scared to ride in the City.

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