My Spot in the Choir Lineup

I posted a few days ago about how I was anxiously waiting to learn where I’d stand in the concert. Most people like to be in the front, and I’m often in the back, but that was okay. I said:

“My only preference is to be surrounded by singers. I want singers behind me and on either side of me, so I can be right in the middle of the harmony. When you’re in the very back row or on the end of a row there are fewer singers around you and you just don’t get that same resonance with your fellow singers.”

My spot is pictured below. Not the back row, but the end of a row!! There were only two places I didn’t want to be and I got put in one of them! What were the odds?? Look at all those other spots. AND, I’ve got a soprano beside me and a soprano behind me so I don’t get to be in harmony with my fellow singers.

That said, I’ve had worse spots. There are a lot of great singers around me (including the sopranos). Also, I’m close to the people who are singing a beautiful quartet at the performances. Their voices are absolutely exquisite. And it’s the holidays and I’m singing great music, so what am I complaining about?? Nothing. I’m good.

Choir Line-up, The Choral Society of Grace Church

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