I am in such a good mood!

I just handed in my plan for a possible new book, and I’m convinced I’ve come up with a great idea. Let’s hope my publisher thinks so too! Also, my holiday cleaning is done, and my one area which I always decorate for Christmas is decorated! So right now I’m in a great mood, feeling very hopeful, and I’m going to celebrate and treat myself to a nice day or two off.

How shall I begin? Okay, I have to swim which is half a nice thing, but also half exercise unless I make myself swim at an easy going pace. So my first goal is to swim like I don’t have to and can take my time. Then, maybe I’ll buy a Christmas wreath and watch some Christmas movies. I really feel like walking down 5th Avenue taking pictures of all the holiday windows, but it’s about to rain. That will have to wait for another day.

My Christmas Decorations, 2014

Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “I am in such a good mood!

  1. Hi Stacy-
    That looks like Roseville on your shelf—beautiful!!! Have you had them long?

    What going on with Finney and Bleek? I hope they are enjoying themselves–eating, sleeping, being adorable, etc….

    By the way that Santa gets around…he is at the Rite Aid in Burlington, VT, too. Have to check his feet the next time I see him…. I keep thinking he is a person dressed as Santa–happily it doesnt move around..
    Wishing you, Finney and Bleek a Wonderful holiday season and a Fantastic 2015!

  2. Is that what they are? My sister-in-law Karen would know. I inherited them from my mother in 2001 and I have always loved them

    I wondered if that Santa was in all their stores! Finney and Bleeck are mostly okay, thank you for asking, and happy holidays to you too!!!

  3. They are McCoy pottery – vintage – I am pretty sure we gave her a couple of them for Christmas – she loved them! They look great on your shelves. See you Christmas day.

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