I’m Going to be Doing Some Talking

February 26th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

I’ll post about these events when we get a little closer but I have two events coming up where I’ll be one of the speakers.

The first will be at NYU, at the April 17th event titled: Mistakes Were Made: Computer History, Decompiled. This event is being produced by Laine Nooney, a computer and video game historian in the Media Studies Department at NYU, who seems like the nicest person in the world and she was very kind to invite me.

The next will be a June 16th symposium at the Yale International Choral Festival. I was invited to speak by the Artistic Director of this event, Dr. Jeffrey Douma, Professor of Conducting, Yale School of Music Director, Yale Glee Club and Yale Choral Artists, who also seems like lovely person.

I sound calm don’t I? I’m terrified. Talking in front of VERY smart people. ACK!!

I took this shot on my way to my doctor’s appointment. There was some sort of medical emergency in the subway at Union Square. FDNY to the rescue!

FDNY to the Rescue, Union Square, New York City,

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  1. 2 Responses to “I’m Going to be Doing Some Talking”

  2. By Julia (also in Ottawa) on Mar 1, 2015

    You are way smart too! And you do so many things that they do not! It’s good to be well rounded.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Mar 3, 2015

    Awww, thanks for saying so! (But I’ll bet these people are well rounded too!)

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