American Idol Results

Riley Brea was one of my top favorites! I can’t believe he wasn’t one of the top 8. He’s only 18 though. Hopefully this will all be a soon-to-be-forgotten blip in his life and career, but I would liked to have seen more of him now. Adam is my other favorite, so I’m glad he made it through, although I really think he needs to drop the wild and crazy class clown persona. I’m not saying this isn’t a genuine side to him, but it’s tiresome when it’s all you see.

I don’t have a favorite girl yet. Actually, my favorite was already eliminated, but I don’t remember her name. I think she was from New Orleans. That reminds me, there was another girl I loved, Harry played the piano while she sang. She wasn’t even sent to Hollywood! I was shocked.

Harry Connick, Jr. is still the best thing about this show. I wish they gave him more time to critique. I really appreciate his precise and informed take. If I was a singer I’d want to hear his suggestions. Overall, I didn’t think the singers did Motown justice, although there was some good moments. Most of it was a mess or a bit of a bore, alas.

Another shot taken the same day as the one I posted yesterday. I’m guessing I’m somewhere in my 30’s when this picture was taken.

Stacy Horn, Echo, New York City

Stacy Horn

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