Hope for Paws and Rescue From the Hart

I know there are many, many rescue organizations, and certainly a lot of them closer to home, but I’ve become addicted to the work and videos of Eldad Hagar, who I’ve posted about before, and a colleague of his, Annie Hart.

I’m always checking Facebook for a new video or new pictures. Here are the links so you too can become addicted. Eldad’s organization is Hope for Paws, but I also regularly (constantly) check his Flickr page. There’s one upsetting shot up there now, but it’s not too bad and there’s a happy ending. Click on the pictures though, because you’ll get the story behind them.

Eldad usually works with women like Lisa Chiarelli and Annie Hart because the dogs, who are often abused, are less afraid of women. Annie Hart started a rescue organization called Rescue From the Hart, and now I’m addicted to her videos and pictures as well.

Here is a recent rescue video. A very large spider makes an appearance in this video and that’s when I thought, “Yeah. I might not make a very good rescuer.”

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2 thoughts on “Hope for Paws and Rescue From the Hart

  1. Yes! Aren’t these two organizations wonderful? Living here in the Los Angeles area, I’m so thrilled that they’re getting the national attention and support that they deserve.

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