Rooftop Decks are Weird

I’ve posted about these personalized decks before, when they started appearing on the roofs in my West Village neighborhood. They’re just so strange. When people are in them, they look like they’re in a cage. The ones where the slats are close together are the most inexplicable (not sure if that’s what they’re called) because they would block your view of the city.

These two are on the building on the west side on my building. When people are sitting in their little pen like this, and there are people in the other pen practically right next to them, wouldn’t they feel, well, a little silly? Here we are, in our boxes on the roof.

Rooftop pens, Greenwich Village, New York City

This one is on the south side of the same building. At least it’s the only one there for now.

Rooftop pens, Greenwich Village, New York City

This one looks pleasant to sit in, until you pull back and see …

Rooftop pens, Greenwich Village, New York City

… that it is one of three on the same roof. Still, I like this one best. I would sit there with my tea with drops of vanilla extract (copying writer Vivian Swift) if anyone invited me.

Rooftop pens, Greenwich Village, New York City

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3 thoughts on “Rooftop Decks are Weird

  1. The fence style with the slats close together is called “stacked”. They are outlawed in my neighborhood, here on the Isle of Long, for being too tacky.

    I now make vanilla-flavored honey for my tea. Sadly, it doesn’t have the aroma of that drop of vanilla extract, but it tastes better.

    To me, Finney has always looked like a Buddy and Buddy always looked like a Finney. But I’m glad that dear boy has his own micro-nation of Finney, population One, altho I know that Bleeker only wants to get close to his role model and can’t help that his fan-boy-ism borders on stalking.

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