New York City Lap Swim Contest Update

Backstory: This is the third time I’ve entered the summer lap swim contest sponsored by NYC Parks & Recreation. I have to swim at least 25 miles by August 28th. People who swim the 25 miles get a tshirt! There’s also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize for the man and the woman who swim the most miles in their division at their pool by August 8th. Those people also get a trophy.

The first year I entered I came in 3rd place, last year I came in 2nd, and although 1st place in not a possibility for me (the best female swimmer in the city swims at my pool) I hoped to win 2nd place with even more miles this year.

Well, that’s not going to happen. I’m in the night division and not only have I had to miss a lot of nights, the City keeps canceling the night lap swim in order to keep the pool open for everyone due to the heatwave, which is fine. I understand. (But once the heatwave is over, what are the chances they will take away some of the weekend hours and give it to us so we can make up the time? Nil.)

At this point I’m not sure I’m even going to come in 3rd place, alas. Sob. But I will earn that tshirt, by God. I’m just a little under 19 miles right now with a whole month to go.

One of the outdoor writing spots I’ve chosen for myself. This is along the Hudson River. I’m currently reading Island at the Center of the World, so now when I look out at the Hudson River I try to imagine what this all looked like in 1609 (I’d be underwater for one, that park is on landfill).

Hudson River, New York City

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