Please for the love of God renew So You Think You Can Dance

It’s my favorite show on tv. With all the great shows on tv, it is still the one I look forward to the most. It’s the one show that can neutralize awful news like heartless clerks in Kentucky and republican candidates who don’t “believe” in evolution. It’s a thoroughly decent show celebrating people who work hard to excel in an art form that is insanely entertaining and uplifting.

Here is a routine from the finale. It features the guy I wanted to win, Jim Nowakowski, with another of my all-time favorites, Alex Wong. I’m not the first to say this, but perhaps if Jim had gotten at least one routine like this during the competition he might have made it to the finale. I honestly still think Gaby would have won, not because she’s a better dancer, or a more likable person, but she clearly has broader appeal. More people like Edward Hopper than like … Johannes Vermeer (although Vermeer is extremely popular too) or listen to the Beatles over Palestrina (again, Palestrina is very popular as well, but you get my point). Which is not to say Gaby didn’t deserve to win, I love her too (and Hopper and the Beatles)!

People who are making this decision: please, please, please, renew So You Think You Can Dance. I’m begging you.

This routine is about an absentee father trying to reconnect with his son.

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