Tornadoes and Flooding

Here I’ve been complaining about how warm it is and others are dealing with true weather horror. Alabama has declared a state of emergency. Jesus. I hope you’re still okay Cara! And everyone else. I heard the bad weather is expected to continue in the next few days in various parts of the country. Horrible.

A scene from my not-horrible, relatively safe life. The Empire State Building on Christmas Eve. I went out for a nice, relaxed walk around town, because it felt so calm and happy out there.

Empire State Building, Christmas 2015

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Tornadoes and Flooding

  1. Hi Stacy…we had a flood of “Biblical” proportions on Christmas day! Despite living on a plateau in north Alabama, we have lots of hills with creeks and streams. It looked like ALL of those flooded. In the city, we have a beautiful waterfall in a quiet neighborhood; those normally light falls looked like Niagara Falls on Christmas Day. Fortunately I didn’t have to leave the house (already had gathering with family the previous weekend). The worst is that road/street damage is going to be costly to repair, but luckily no loss of life. And it’s raining again today.

    Here’s a link if you want to take a look at the Christmas flood here (video and pix):

  2. My cat Bleecker freaked out at the sound of the flood in that first video. I had to turn off the sound. I can blast music, play videos of dogs barking, and he doesn’t react. He knew something was wrong.

    I’m glad you’re okay. Apparently bad weather is still happening elsewhere. I think I read Missouri is the one in trouble currently. And Texas really got it bad.

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