Apartment for Rent on the Corner

There was a postcard in my mailbox advertising an apartment for rent on the corner of my block. $3,700 for a one bedroom apartment. So insane. That’s typical for this neighborhood, and even in the low to middle range, if you can believe it. When I moved into my first apartment in this neighborhood my rent was $600 a month, and that was around 1981. At the time, that rent was considered on the high side, but still very reasonable. The landlord could have gotten more for the apartment but they were nice people and wanted to be fair. (Really!)

This is the building with the $3,700 apartment. I found pictures of the inside online …

92 Perry

Here’s a peek inside. It’s a nice apartment but really nothing special, except I do love the sliding barn door. There are two pictures of the kitchen below. I wonder which one is accurate?


Weirdly, the less finished one seems to be the most recent, but that can’t be right can it? Would people rip out nice cabinets and take them with them or something?


Oh wait, the cabinets are the same, they are just painted black in the picture above.


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