Still Longing for Snow but I Love Spring, Too

I’m planning a day off for myself. I wish I had picked a day with better weather. As I type it’s getting darker and darker and darker … but I need a break today, so I will plan inside things, like a movie and a museum. A perfect day, really.

A glimpse of spring in the West Village.


Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Still Longing for Snow but I Love Spring, Too

  1. We have 2 inches of fresh wet snow on the ground from overnight, but it is raining now and this too shall pass. The nice thing about fresh snow is that I can see bunny tracks down my driveway and in front of my front door! I got out yesterday while it was sunny and did some errands on my bike because I knew today would be an indoor day. I have sewing projects lined up, and got some buttons and lining and stuff. Plus there is always reading! Have a great day off!

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